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Building Your Regional Ride

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Regional Ride Overview

Thank you for your interest in creating a Regional Ride!  Once you register to create your Ride, GYGIG will send you a comprehensive set of tools to get you started, and will be here every step of the way to help you plan your event.  The following list is intended to get you started in thinking about creating your own ride.


What Are the First Steps?

Location, Location, Location

Once you have a general location in mind, you can begin to think about where your ride will take place. You may already have a route or a portion of a route in mind based on your regular riding routes, or you may be interested in pursuing a new route that you haven’t ridden before.

We’ll help you and provide you with resources to help with the logistics of your route.


Think about your audience and participants. Will you be riding with folks who you regularly ride with? Are you an experienced rider who will be incorporating new riders into your event?  We can help you to manage most scenarios.


Now that you’ve got your ride in mind, think about whether or not you have a certain goal in mind for your event. Would you like to complete a 30 mile ride? Maybe you’d like to create a century regional ride? Do you want to ride to or from a particular town or city?

Setting the Date

There are a number of considerations in choosing the date of your event.  Our team can help you to narrow down the perfect date.

Event Support

For anyone who has participated in one of GYGIG’s signature events before, you know that you have access to fully stocked rest stops every 12-17 miles, support vehicles for the majority of your ride, and more. While it might seem daunting to try and provide this type of support on your own, remember—there are many ways to support your event to the same standard!  We’ll help you develop a plan that will ensure your event goes off without a hitch!


Promote your ride! Your event will be listed on GYGIG’s website, www.igotguts.org, and we will help you to coordinate all registration. Your personal ride page will also allow you to spread the word about your event via Facebook, Twitter, and email. If you are interested, we can also help you to come up with flyers for your event to place in local businesses. Other outlets include getting an article in the local paper, listing with local event calendars both in print and online, and hospital event listings.

Registration and Donations

Registration for each rider is $35. This allows us to offset our costs in providing you with event help, insurance for your event, and promotional merchandise for your event. Fundraising is strongly encouraged, but not required for these events (although team captains may suggest a fundraising minimum for their team members). Once your event has been created, you will automatically have a fundraising team page created for your group. You can set this minimum (and each rider’s minimum) according to your goals and plans. While fundraising isn’t required, there are benefits to fundraising for your 2016 ride. Our Incentive Guide, sent to you shortly after registration, will share all the benefits for this year and beyond.

Volunteer Recruitment

In addition to promoting your event to riders, you should also promote to volunteers. No matter how small of a ride you’ll be hosting, you’ll be able to use the extra hands. We will help you plan your volunteer needs and your volunteer recruitment strategy.



Ready to get started? 

We’re here to talk through all of your planning, and help you to troubleshoot along the way. If you’d like to discuss further before creating your ride, please feel free to get in touch with us via email at info@ibdride.org or via phone at 718-875-2123.


We look forward to helping plan your 2016 GYGIG Ride!