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A Year in Review: 2015

We are at the end of another great GYGIG Ride season - and we wanted to thank all of our riders, crew, volunteers,  donors, and sponsors for being an integral part of what we do. We could not do it without each and every one of you! For over a decade, GYGIG has worked tirelessly to create awareness for IBD and ostomies, empower those affected by digestive diseases, and provide funding to like-minded organizations that provide advocacy and research for those affected ... Read more

Training Spotlight: Gary’s Story

Before joining GYGIG as a rider, I was not a serious cyclist.  I hadn't done any distance cycling. I had done some riding around my neighborhood, or short trips on bike trails, but now with the Rides and training, I have put in thousands of miles in the saddle. Training in Central Florida has presented challenges.  With limited hills, we've had to get creative with our training.  Using interval training to simulate hills, riding into headwinds when possible, riding up and down ... Read more

Fundraising and Training Spotlight: Jenna’s Story

I signed up for my first ride in 2012.  For years, I had promised my brother Jay I would do this with him.  He was my little brother and if he was doing it sick with Crohn's, then I could do it too...Right? But I kept putting it off. "My kids are too young", "I don't have time to train", "I cant fundraise"....  Reality was, I am NOT a bike rider and this was just way out of my league. Then in 2011, ... Read more

2015 Registration is Here!

2015 Registration is Open Pre-Registrants Thank you to everyone who pre-registered. Pre-Registrants: If you haven't done so already, please be sure to check your email for your discount code. Your code is good until Sunday, March 8th at midnight. Please don't share your code with anyone. Only pre-registrants will be able to utilize this special discount code. What's New As many of you know, we have revamped our fundraising platform.  New for 2015, GYGIG has now incorporated a new, more user friendly fundraising platform.  What ... Read more

To 2015, and Beyond

Reminder: Pre-Registration is Open! 2014 was a great year for GYGIG.  We launched two new Rides, met new participants, and reunited with veteran participants.  We shared lots of joy, shed a few tears, and can look back on 2014 as a huge success. As we enter a new year, we're full of momentum for 2015, and looking forward to continuing our growth.  Thank you to every rider, crew member, volunteer, sponsor, donor, and supporter who helped GYGIG succeed.  We can't wait to see ... Read more

2014 GYGIG Overview and FAQs

There are a number of changes in store for GYGIG in 2014.  It's only February, and already its been a BIG year for us!  We've added two new members to our team, we've added two new Ride locations, we've welcomed in both new and veteran participants, and we've made changes to the format of our Rides. With these changes, GYGIG is setting its sights high for 2014.  We hope to have a drastic increase in our participant base and sponsors, which in ... Read more

Welcome to GYGIG’s new website!

  We're very excited that our new website is now up and ready for 2014 registration!  Atlanta registration is now open for volunteers and riders, with complete details.  New York and Ohio registration will be available in the coming weeks for those of you looking to register for those Rides.  If you will be registering for NY or OH and want to start fundraising now before registration is open, please call (718)-875-2123 or email us at for more information. So what's new ... Read more

We Are All Each Other’s Inspiration

IBD is a Process, We Are All At Different Steps IBD, as with any chronic illness, involves a process.  Diagnosis doesn't come with a one way ticket to activism, confidence, and openness.  As we are all very familiar with, a diagnosis of Crohns or Colitis often involves confusion, embarrassment, and a complicated cocktail of emotions for which we are likely unprepared.  No matter what disease you have, whether it's chronic, terminal, or just plain painful, hearing the words "You have [insert condition]" really ... Read more

Maintaining Good Health With IBD

Back in 1999 when I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease I had much to learn about a lot of different things. First and foremost, I had to learn what Crohn's disease was. At 18, I hadn't even heard the words “Crohn's disease” until they were coming out of my GI's mouth when he was telling me that I had it. So, I set out to do my homework. I immersed myself in everything that I could read on IBD. What quickly became apparent from all of ... Read more

How Do You Define Success with IBD?

Redefining Success with IBD When I was a little girl, I wanted to go to the moon. I was maybe four years old and I thought for sure I wanted to be an astronaut when I grew up.  Needless to say, that didn't happen and I have yet to walk on the moon, but it's not because I gave up on this dream, rather, I found that I had strengths and talents elsewhere, and worked hard to find a career at which ... Read more
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