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Back in 1999 when I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease I had much to learn about a lot of different things. First and foremost, I had to learn what Crohn’s disease was. At 18, I hadn’t even heard the words “Crohn’s disease” until they were coming out of my GI’s mouth when he was telling me that I had it. So, I set out to do my homework. I immersed myself in everything that I could read on IBD.

What quickly became apparent from all of my reading was the importance of what we put into our bodies; our diet has such a significant effect on how our bodies function (something that an 18 year old doesn’t always think about).

It is important to feed your body right to keep it functioning properly, and this can be especially difficult when you have a digestive disease. Eating right and exercising are vital to obtaining and maintaining good health. As our name suggests, encouraging people to get moving has always been a big part of Get Your Guts in Gear, but we’re just as invested in every area of people’s digestive and overall health.

That’s why we’re so excited to have GoodBelly as a sponsor for our 2012 Get Your Guts in Gear Rides. GoodBelly is a probiotic drink containing live and active probiotic cultures. Their drinks come in a wide variety of delicious flavors, and are dairy-free, soy-free and vegan. GoodBelly’s products contain Lactobacillus plantarum299v (Lp299v) which is one of the most studied probiotics available. You can find out more about their products and the potential benefits of probiotics at .

While you’re there you can also sign-up to take their 12 Day Challenge, where they guarantee you’ll love it or it’s free. So check them out at and see if GoodBelly probiotic products are right for you.

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