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Recent IBD Ribbon News

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Recent news items from the IBD Ribbon Project:

  • NEW:  The IBD & Ostomy Awareness Ribbon arrives Colorado:  Click Here
  • Meet Lois, the inspiration behind the IBD & Ostomy Awareness Ribbon: Click Here
  • Lois’ Story: Click Here
  • Edmonds newspaper features article about Lois Fink and the Ribbon: Click Here


These websites are provided for informational purposes and are not necessarily endorsed by the Ribbon project.

IBD Related:
Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America (www.ccfa.org)
Crohn’s Advocate (www.CrohnsAdvocate.com)
Bad Tummy Foundation (www.badtummy.org)
IBD Sucks (www.ibdsucks.utah.edu)
Get Your Guts in Gear (www.ibdride.org)
IBD Quilt Project (www.ibdquilt.org)
The Gutsy Generation (www.thegutsygeneration.blogspot.com/)

Ostomy Related:
United Ostomy Association of America: www.uoaa.org
Ostomy Secrets: www.ostomysecrets.com
My Heart Ties: www.myheartties.com
No Guts Know Glory: www.nogutsknowglory.com
Stoma Active (Active clothing for kids and teens with ostomies) www.stomactive.com
ConvaTec: www.convatec.com
Coloplast: www.coloplast.com
Cymed Ostomy: www.cymedostomy.com
Great Combebacks Award Program: www.greatcomebacks.com
Garment and undergarment online store for ostomates with attitude: www.awestomy.com
Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nurses Society: www.wocn.org