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Want to help raise funds and awareness with Get Your Guts in Gear, but can’t attend either of our Rides this summer? Become a Guts Squad Member!

riders begin their journey for crohns and colitisAre you interested in helping GYGIG to continue to support empowerment, research, awareness, and advocacy efforts for people with IBD and ostomies, but can’t make it to our New York or Midwest Rides? Join the Guts Squad and do your very own “Virtual Ride”! A Guts Squad Member is someone who cannot be physically present at one of GYGIG’s Ride(s) as a Rider or Crew member, but still wants to fundraise and be with us in spirit.

If you register as a Guts Squad Memeber (virtual rider), and later choose to be physically present at a GYGIG Ride, you need to convert your registration no later than 10 DAYS prior to the Ride.
There is no age restriction for Virtual Riders, but please remember that a Virtual Rider under the age of 18 who later chooses to be physically present at either of GYGIG’s Rides must be accompanied on the event by a parent or guardian.
Please read the form below for more details, or call us at (718)-875-2123, or email us at

What is the registration fee and fundraising minimum for Guts Squad Members?
There is no fundraising minimum or registration fees. We appreciate your support, and will gladly accept any donations raised on GYGIG’s behalf.
Should you choose to later be physically present at a GYGIG Ride, registration as a Rider or Crew Member will be subject to all applicable fees, waivers, and agreements.

I’ve raised $xxxx.xx! Can I give these proceeds to my friend so that s/he can participate in the Ride?
We appreciate your fundraising, and welcome you to use it towards getting yourself to one of our Rides, but virtual ride funds are not transferable.

Do I actually have to ride my bike?
Well… no. If you are physically able, we encourage you to, though! Contact us for help in planning your route!

If you’re ready to become a Guts Squad Member, fill out the form below!

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