Tips to Choose The Best Roofing Contractor in Spring Texas.

One of the most expensive home repairs would be a homeowner’s roof. In fact, if one is simply wanting to fix or go all the way with a replacement, it is essential to get a trustworthy roofing company. Getting the right roofing contractor is the first step in ensuring a good quality job with no hassles upfront and no problems later after the job is completed. In a lot of cases after tornadoes, hurricanes, or any damaging storm, there is usually a high demand for roof repair or roof replacement. The repairs or replacements are normally needed rather quickly. Therefore, here are some tips in helping to choose the best roofers.

Local referrals are a must because trying to get an honest professional can be difficult. When disaster strikes an area that has caused physical damage to houses and buildings, contractors come from all around trying to get work. However, some are dishonest and will agree to do a job only enough to get the money and leave town by night. Leaving homeowners scammed at times. Therefore, an established local roofing company is a safer choice because if they are honest and professional, they will be around to correct any unforeseen issues that could arise after the job is complete. In addition, local professionals will be more familiar with local laws, regulations and code. This increases the chance of a quality job per rules set by local authority and lessens the chance of getting scammed. Most local companies and contractors want to keep a good reputation in the community and continue to have a successful roofing business.

One would want contractors who have passed specific requirements to be factory certified. Therefore, seek out manufacture designations. GAF which is General Aniline & Film is iconic for focusing on the manufacturing of quality roofing materials applications for both residential and commercial buildings. Only 2 percent of contracts are recognized by GAF (General Aniline & Film) as Master Elite Contractors. So, it would be incumbent upon and actually essential for one who wants a certified professional roofer to search and find a company in their community who is a Master Elite contractor.

Checking the Better Business Bureau is another step that is of the utmost importance when choosing a company or contractor to do roof repairs. So, many companies and contractors show up when a damaging storm has occurred. One should ensure that the contractor is listed on the website and has a score of the highest rank in the area. Contractors who have GAF Master Elite designations must continue to keep high scores and ratings with the Better Business Bureau in order to keep their status.

To cover any unexpected issues, it is good to get a warranty that is extensive. Workmanship is a must when considering an extensive warranty as if there are any issues regarding code, rules and regulation in that the roof was not installed correctly, then the warranty can be vital. Sometimes it can take months if not years for some things to surface and the insurance most of the time will not cover any additional issues and that’s when the extensive warranty can be utilized. Moreover, another good reason to have a Master Elite Contractor in reference to warranties is the fact that they offer the Golden Pledge Warranty. The Golden Pledge Warranty is one of the best known workmanship warranties that runs a long time.

Safety has to be one of the biggest concerns. A good contractor should have training and should have passed a safety program. GAF (General Aniline & Film) sponsors the Center for the Advancement of Roofing Excellence. CARE (the Center for the Advancement of Roofing Excellence) is a national training organization. It has been stated that this GAF sponsored organization has trained and certified in safety over 200,000 professional contractors.

Make sure that the contractor has the proper license, permit and insurance. The contractor should provide upon request copies of all paperwork to include, license, permit, insurance, etc.. Most states require license, permits and insurance but that does not ensure that an uninsured contractor will not attempt to get a job.

One should take care of their own insurance claim. Ensure the deductible is paid and follow through on each step of the claim. The contractor is there to do the work only. And, last be aware and know that there are roofing material options from which to choose. A good contractor and professional roofer would ensure that the customer is aware of the various roofing materials available.

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