Hybrid Bikes

What if I just can’t afford a road bike?
No worries! Many GYGIG participants complete the ride with hybrid bikes, also known as “fitness style” bikes. Hybrid style bikes aim to offer the best of the road- and comfort-bike worlds. While they have a comfortable seat, upright sitting position and (often) suspension forks and/or seat posts, they also offer the more efficient pedaling of 700-millimeter (700c) wheels versus the comfort bikes with 26-inch wheels. They are perfect for commuters, fitness enthusiasts, errand runners, and weekend warriors.

A fitness-style hybrid bike is on the faster, lighter range of all hybrids.

Some features of a fitness bike that will help you succeed on the GYGIG ride are:

  • Lightweight frame design, components, and wheels, for efficiency over long rides
  • Rigid fork to maximize speed and reduce weight, with a more padded hybrid seat to ensure comfort is not lost
  • Same diameter wheels as a road bike
  • Smooth tires or small tread tires reduce rolling resistance, allowing the rider to use less energy when riding on smooth trails and pavement
  • Versatility for road, crushed gravel, or dirt trails, combination of comfort and performance for a range of riding styles
  • Lower price point than a road bike

Trek’s Livestrong FX WSD



Check out a hybrid style bike such as Trek’s FX line.  For women, The Livestrong FX WSD is a great bike to start out with. The price is right, you’ll be able to enjoy the ride, and have a very versatile bike to go home with. This bike will also be great for everything from family group rides, to exercising, to bicycle commuting.

Jamis Coda Comp

Another great line of hybrid bikes is Jamis. A style such as the Coda Comp will allow you to get through long rides such as GYGIG, and have a great bike to enjoy on the weekends. It won Editor’s Choice award from Bicycling Magazine in 2011.  Browse through some of their other models to see what will work best for you.